Regional (FESAGS) LTOPF Application

Procedures when applying for LTOPF at FESAGS, Police Regional Office (PRO)


LTOPF Application @ FESAGS Process Flow 



  1. ACCOMPLISH APPLICATION FORM AND PREPARE REQUIREMENTS: Applicant may download License to Own and Possess Firearms (LTOPF) application form and list of requirements at Accomplish the form (2 copies), have it notarized and prepare the requirements.
  2. PROCEED TO FESAGS, PRO: LTOPF applicant may bring the duly accomplished and notarized application form and complete requirements at designated windows at FESAGS, Police Regional Offices across the country.
  3. PHOTO CAPTURING AND DATA ENCODING: FESAGS will then take a picture of the applicant and encode his/her basic information. The encoded information will be synced to the database of the Individual License Section (ILS), Firearms Licensing Division (FLD) of the Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO), which are interconnected to each other. Expect that this may take some time if there is a problem with the internet connection.
  4. VERIFICATION (AT FESAGS): FESAGS will verify that the documents submitted by the applicant are complete, authentic and valid. If the application is accepted, request for a Commitment Slip indicating the date of release. If incomplete according to the briefer, request for the Pre-Evaluation Slip signed by the briefer and the supervisor. Once verified, FESAGS will submit the application to the ILS, FLD, FEO in Camp Crame, Quezon City through courier mail for scanning of the documents. Note that it may take some time to mail said documents, so the applicant should ensure that their documents (MTC and RTC/NBI Clearance, Neuro Psychiatric Result, Drug Test, Director for Intelligence (DI) Clearance, etc. are valid with ample time upon submission. FEO recommends that applicant submits all requirements with at least 3 months validity before its expiry date.
  5. VERIFICATION (AT ILS, FEO): Upon secondary verification at the ILS, FLD, FEO that the submitted documents are complete, authentic and valid, the scanner will scan the documents for uploading onto the applicant’s database on the Firearms Information Management System (FIMS).
  6. IF DISAPPROVED: If the application is not approved, the applicant will receive a systems-generated SMS on the reason/s for the disapproval Applicants may also go to the FESAGS to know the reason/s for disapproval. ILS, FLD, FEO provides an updated list to FESAGS every 15th and 30th day of the month with regard to the status of the applications.
  7. IF APPROVED: If the application is approved, the applicant will receive a systems-generated SMS on the reference number for LTOPF fee or payment to any Land Bank of the Philippines Branch. Applicants may also go to FESAGS to get the systems-generated reference number ILS,FLD, FEO provides an updated list to FESAGS every 15th and 30th day of the month.
  8. PAYMENT AT LAND BANK: Once applicant has the reference number and amount, he can pay to Land Bank. Fill-up the OnColl Slip with the following details:
    • Reference No. 1 : Name of Applicant
    • Reference No. 2 : Systems-generated reference no.
    • Agency Name : FS FUND PNP
    • Account No. : 1862-2220-71
    • Amount : __________
    • Transaction No./Sequence No/ : __________
    • If there is any discrepancy on LTOPF type and amount for payment, proceed to FESAGS to clarify it. Submit the original Special Bank Receipts (SBR) at FESAGS. Chief, FESAGS will then submit the list of applicants who have paid their respective fees along with the clear photocopies of the SBRs to ILS, FLD, FEO. Chief, ILS, FLD, FEO will then submit the list to Chief, FLD, FEO for approval.

  9. PRINTING OF LTOPF CERTIFICATE: Upon approval of the Chief, FLD; ILS, personnel will print the LTOPF Certificate. In case of unprinted certificates due to unmatched entries, ILS will forward the application to Computer Section for their appropriate action. Once processed, printed Certificates will be transmitted back to FESAGS through courier mail and e-mail.
  10. ISSUANCE OF LTOPF CERTIFICATE: FESAGS will issue the LTOPF Certificate to the applicant.

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